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  1. Tumon Bay Ocean Swim
  2. PWC Training on Guam
  3. USCG searching for missing man
  4. Island to Island
  5. Working together
  6. Young hero learned CPR by watching 'Baywatch'
  7. Search continues for boy
  8. Coast Guard pulls child's body from waters off Cabras
  9. Boy's body found off Cabras
  10. Mother arrested
  11. Some good news
  12. Missing fisherman
  13. Rescuers seek Ipan kayaker
  14. Two die in island's waters
  16. K38 Micronesia Photos-John San Nicolas
  17. John San Nicolas (Instructor)
  18. Caution: Strong surf makes Guam waters dangerous
  19. Swimmer rescued off Hagåtña
  20. Three Rescued By U.S. Coast Guard
  21. 14th honored
  22. Missing Governor Found
  23. Search on for family at sea
  24. Coast Guard ends search for Quichochos
  25. USCG: Change of Command
  26. Search and rescue in tonga
  27. Cops vow to investigate
  28. Department of Public Safety awards 6 civilians
  29. Kiwi in tragic mystery at sea
  30. Five survive two months adrift in Pacific
  31. Coast Guard district reviews 2009 operations
  32. Man's remains found
  33. Family remembers fisherman
  34. DPS awards boat crew for rescuing stranded swimmers
  35. Coast Guard on alert for missing men in FSM
  36. Guam U.S. Coast Guard member honored as hero
  37. Rapid response by the U.S. Coast Guard Guam
  38. USCG Searches For Missing Fishermen Off Pohnpei
  39. Found alive 9 days at sea
  40. Master navigator Mau Piailug passes away
  41. Beacon credited with quick rescue of teen sailor Abby Sunderland
  42. Yamaha pushes jet-skis as Phuket water safety solution
  43. K38 Micronesia RWC Safety Day
  44. 1 dead, 1 missing: Seven paddlers swept in high surf
  45. Missing Located
  46. Paddler's body found: Rough waters leave 2 dead
  47. USCG: Matapang Beach Lifeguards Rescue Distressed Swimmer
  48. USCG seeks to boost emergency system on Saipan
  49. Search enters fifth day: Weather hampers operations
  50. Threads of life
  51. Change
  52. Man missing
  53. USCG Co-Ordinates Rescue of 3 From Boat That Capsized Between Rota and Tinian
  54. Canoe found in South Pacific, but no sign of 6 missing canoeists
  55. K38 Micronesia is on Facebook!
  56. Boat with 15 aboard missing in Micronesia
  57. Missing 15 found!!
  58. Eric Lives! K38 Micronesia dedicates training boat
  59. Sar group guam rescue three
  60. Swimmers rescued at Ritidian
  61. K38 Micronesia's Founder, is Recognized for Heroism
  62. Tourist dies after rescue in Guam
  63. Rise in sea-related deaths shock island
  64. 2-12-12 K38 Micronesia promotes boating safety
  65. 2012 Jet Ski Challenge, Part One
  66. Jet Ski Challenge Race Also Instructed and Informed
  67. Coast Guard finds missing Guam fisherman on Jetski
  68. Rip currents main cause of NMI drownings
  69. Coast Guard gets new rescue boat
  70. Hawaiian 'Rescue 21 System First Mayday Call Saves Fisherman
  71. Guam Coast Guard extends its reach
  72. Sequoia Delivers Humanitarian Aid to Puluwat, Chuuk, FSM
  73. USCG Cutter Sequoia Conducts SAREX in Chuuk
  74. Fishermen recount ordeal at sea
  75. Guam’s water recreation community rallies for ocean safety
  76. Boating Safety
  77. Kahulu' Water Safety
  78. Three mariners rescued after five days adrift in Pacific
  79. Distress Vessels
  80. Beach Patrol Officers Receive Life Saving Awards
  81. Russian tourist rescued in Guam
  82. Fish & Wildlife WARNING - Rough & Dangerous Conditions at Ritidian Beach
  83. Samoan fisherman called 'I want to live' as boat sunk
  84. Coast Guard and Guam Fire and Rescue Remind Mariners to Exercise Caution in High Surf
  85. Memorial held for sea rescue police officers
  86. Rescue, Drowning or Death Investigation?
  87. USCG & Navy Launch Rescue in Gale Conditions After Losing Contact With Fishing Vessel
  88. VIDEO: Monday's Daring Rescue in Gale Conditions is What HSC-25 Trains For
  89. Coast Guard recover's missing tourist's body near Saipan
  90. USCG: Search for Missing Snorkeler Continues Off Saipan, But No Sign of Him Yet
  91. VIDEO: Saipan Police Link Crisostomo to 4 Murders
  92. USCG, Navy, Rescue Guam Fisherman Whose Boat Capsized SUNDAY Morning
  93. USCG, Palau and Commercial Vessels Rescue 10 After Their Traditional Canoe Sank MONDA
  94. Reef Fisherman Pronounced Dead After Being Pulled From Waters Off Agana Bay by Surfer
  95. USCG Tows 2 in Their Disabled Vessel Back to Guam; "Rescue 21" System Aids Search & R