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  1. K38 Trains San Francisco Fire Department
  2. K38 Training and Event Photo Albums
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  4. Old K38 Poster, enjoy!
  5. 2007 IJSBA World Finals Incident
  6. The History of Dungeons and Big Wave Africa
  7. Don Montgomery
  8. Quagga & Zebra Mussel Locations and Restrictions
  9. In Memory of Igor Oralov
  10. 911 Revisited: Where were you on 9/11?
  11. Shawn Alladio and the K38 Story
  12. K38 - IJSBA Course Marshal and Staff Photo Albums uploaded!
  13. Pro Surfer, Mary Osborne takes a K38 Class
  14. 2008 K38 International PWC Safety Summit in Hawai'i
  15. 2008 K38 Year In Review!
  16. K38 Alumni-Students and the things they do!
  17. Get your vessel and family safety checked prior to boating!
  18. Betty belts
  19. Seminar in California on Invasiv Species Offered
  20. Aroused
  21. Betty belts
  22. Love a Swift Running River!
  23. Los Angeles Port Police RWC Training 2008
  24. BUI- Boating Under The Influence
  25. H2O Responders begin!
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  28. Shawn Alladio (instructor)
  29. New Orleans Revisited
  30. ICOSIT 2009 - K38 Italia
  31. Yamaha Waverunners dominate PWC Rental Market
  32. Boating warning issued 2nd week of April in California
  33. 2009 K38 Documentary - Hypnotic Films
  34. Louisa County Sheriff Marine Unit Thank You!
  35. Water Safety Congress Award of Merit 2009
  36. Jet ski legends
  37. The Good Samaritan-Safety of Life at Sea
  38. Prevent spinal cord injuries
  39. 2009 United Warrior PWC Freedom Ride -UWSF Fundraiser
  40. PWC Night Riding, not a good idea for the recreationist
  41. New Oil absorbent exchange center available for Long Beach CA Boaters
  42. K38 Summer Updates 2009
  43. Shawn Alladio awarded PWC community commendation for bravery
  44. Ryan Levinson and the Accessible Device, the Jet Ski
  45. Swiftwater Rescues on the Sacramento River
  46. August 2009 Idaho PWC Law Enforcement Training
  47. AWA - K38 Boise, Idaho RWC Law Enforcement Training
  48. Cal Boating News (DBAW)
  49. 2009 K38 International PWC Safety Summit at IJSBA World Finals in Havasu AZ
  50. Generation Kill charity auction to benefit the United Warrior Survivor foundation
  51. 2009 K38 International PWC Safety Summit
  52. Carlos Burle-Mavericks Waiting Period begins 31st October
  53. K38 Italy Training course October 2009
  54. Cesare Vismara - the Joy of Being Present
  55. K38 2009 World Finals-Women Course Marshals
  56. USCG Advanced Helicopter Rescue School
  57. PWC Responsibility begins with you.
  58. Governor approves $69.9 Million budget for Cal Boating
  59. Jetlev Jetski Jetpack
  60. Cal Boating Director Ray Tsuneyoshi Fired! WTF?
  61. K38 - Cosco Busan Oil Spill Survey Team
  62. McGraw Insurance Presents Highway to Havasu
  63. Watercraft fuel ignites; fire dstroys house
  64. Weather and Ocean links for California
  65. 2010 Asian Beach Games in Oman - K38 to Provide Water Safety
  66. Santa Barbara Cold Current Paddle Race
  67. Tri-State Boating Safety Fair to Emphasize Life Jacket Wear
  68. SPOT LLC Recall Notice
  69. Life Jacket Trade In May 27, 2011 in California
  70. Saved boy
  71. Water Rescue Needs Attention - A Growing California Concern
  72. Norway Island Water Response - Study
  73. Governor Signs Law Allowing PWC's to be used for Beach Rescues
  74. Impact, improper riding techniques, water knowledge
  75. Professionalism
  76. K38 to Certify IJSBA Course Marshals
  77. 2011 K38 International PWC Awards
  78. Alaska PWC Issue
  79. Скоро определятся обладатели премии К38
  80. 2011 IJSBA quakysense World Finals Recovery of boat #44
  81. Phoenix Patriot Foundation presents Purple Heart Patriots Challenge 2011
  82. Zach Wormhoudts Mavericks Rescue - K38
  83. 365 Days of K38
  84. Costa Concordia Captain a Disgrace to Maritime Safety
  85. US Firefighter obesity out of control?
  86. 2015 Authorized K38 Affiliates
  87. He drowned in a swimming class
  88. K38 How To: Effective Body Position and Trim
  89. How to 'Read Water'
  90. In Case of a Boating Emergency - Who will you call?
  91. 2012 National Drowning Prevention Symposium
  92. Did You Know Mitt Romney Rescued NJ Family in Sinking Boat using a JETSKI?
  93. Invasive Species: Quagga and Zebra Mussels found in Idaho
  94. Missoula Firefighters receive RWC's for swiftwater rescues
  95. The Beginning of Jetskis
  96. Personal Water Craft used for Swiftwater and Flooding?
  97. 3 Point Platform for Rescue Water Craft Standards of Operation
  98. 2012 Purple Heart Patriots Challenge Oceanside Stop with USCG Auxiliary
  99. quakysense and K38 Water Safety USA
  100. 2013 Authorized K38 Affiliates
  101. A Message To All - K38 2012 Closing
  102. A Message To All - K38 2012 Closing
  103. Pro or Professional?
  104. MIRACLE TREE K38 Japan Tohoku Disaster Tour
  105. K38 japan disaster area tour maris club iwake
  106. K38 Japan Tour 2013 Begins!
  107. K38 Japan Disaster Area Tour - The Inn of Kinko Hall
  108. K38 japan disaster area tour ofunato fire department visit
  109. K38 japan disaster area tour - obama beach
  110. K38 japan disaster area tour - the abe survival story
  111. K38 Japan Disaster Area Tour - Mr. Imazaki Meeting
  112. K38 Japan RWC Operator Sumika Minamoto
  113. K38 japan disaster tour - okawa elementary school
  114. Fukushima daiichi impressions 2 years later
  115. The K38 Lifeguard RWC Legacy Continues
  116. Big Wave Safety Management Quote
  117. K38 Founder Shawn Alladio - Quotes & Inspiration
  118. Clayton Jacobsen the Creator of the Jet Ski
  119. Burial at Sea 2015
  120. K38 Law Enforcement Rescue Water Craft course, May 2015 Sacramento Ca
  121. Night Qualification Training - Rescue Water Craft
  122. 2015 Tommy's Luau
  123. Jesse Uwiji Racing - Episode 1
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