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  1. PWC Molokai Ban
  2. Darrick Doerner and Tom Stone attend DLNR meeting on Molokai: Water Wise
  3. The Native Teacher: Tom Pohaku Stone
  4. Professor Tom Stone revives ancient Hawaiian sport: Lava sledding
  5. Kanalu K38 opening invocation for the IBWSS 2008
  6. Hawaiian Boaters voice opinions on special funds
  7. Tom Pohaku Stone
  8. Kanalu K38 launches 2008 boating education programs
  9. Download a boating accident report form for Hawaii
  10. Kanalu K38 offers NASBLA approved course on PWCSafetyschool.com
  11. Kanalu K38-A Non Profit Organization
  12. Lanai to have say on allowing Jet Skis
  13. Oahu Boating office relocates to Sand Island
  14. The Beginning of Kanalu K38
  15. 2007 Kanalu K38 - Kukio Training Group Pics
  16. Hawai'ian Future....looking forward
  17. The on-Going Journey
  18. PWC donation finally approved
  19. PWC certification facing changes - Hawaii
  20. Jet Ski Citations to be Challenged in Court
  21. Jet Ski Rescue in Hawai'i
  22. 2008 K38 International PWC Safety Summit: Hawaii Dec 4-12
  23. Hawaii drops PWC related charges against Kanalu K38's Tom Pohaku Stone
  24. Canadian visitor drowns on Kauai
  25. Morro Bay cerimony
  26. Home work
  27. PWC Power Struggle-Kanalu K38
  28. Lifeguards to staff Makena
  29. Search for Missing Boat
  30. PWC Power Struggle
  31. IJSBA Race Series in Hawai'i
  32. Friends and associates join searh for missing kayaker
  33. Hawai'ian High Surf to thrill while safety is urged
  34. Hawaii prepares for 50-foot surf today
  35. PWC Rider headed to Molokai Island Rescued of Makapuu
  36. Kanalu K38 is now on facebook!
  37. Hawai'i PWC Online NASBLA Approved Course
  38. Pacific Voyagers - Te Mana o Te Moana
  39. Pohaku Stone crafts traditional Hawai'ian surfboards
  40. Personal Water Craft PWC Certification by Kanalu (K38)
  41. Kanalu K38 and Brigham Young University-Hawai'i Provide boater education
  42. Traditional Hawai'ians
  43. Kudos to JETSKI 11
  44. Kanalu K38's Tom Pohaku Stone Q & A
  45. Hauoli Makahikihou
  46. Hauoli Makahikihou
  47. Enjoy this K38 .gif from Mavericks
  48. Where You Belong
  49. Kanalu - K38 2016 top Rated non Profit