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K38 Rescue
02-05-2009, 08:30 PM
Caution: Strong surf makes waters around Guam especially dangerous

February 5, 2009
This week, Guam has been experiencing dangerously high surf. On Tuesday, swells crashing over the seawall on the road to the port left rocks and other debris scattered across traffic lanes. Yesterday, Tumon beaches were hammered by rough waves.

The National Weather Service yesterday upgraded its high surf advisory to a high surf warning, with hazardous surf expected to continue through today. The Weather Service noted that north-facing beaches, such as Ypao and Ritidian, were getting the worst of the waves and warned beachgoers to stay away from the water.
Strong waves can knock down and overwhelm strong swimmers and even small watercraft, and the rip tides that accompany them are "life threatening," according to the weather service.

Residents need to pay heed to the warning. The bigger-than-usual waves make the water extremely dangerous, and all care and caution must be exercised by anyone who will be near the ocean -- boaters, surfers, fishermen, families on picnics and visitors seeking a tropical tan.

Stay out of the water on the western coast, particularly in areas with north-facing beaches. If you're going out on a boat or other watercraft, make sure that you and everyone else on the vessel wear the proper life jacket -- it could save your life.
If you're going out fishing or diving, file a float or dive plan with your friends and family, so they know where you will be.

If you end up in the water and get caught in a current, remain calm and don't panic. Swim diagonally to the current until you reach safety; if you don't see a safe spot, wait for rescuers.

If you see someone swept over the reef or pulled out by a current, call 911 immediately. Don't try to go into the water after the person; wait for emergency responders to arrive and do the jobs they're trained to do.

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