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K38 Rescue
06-30-2010, 03:39 AM
Rider Headed To Molokai Rescued Off Makapuu

Man Headed For Molokai Calls In Emergency

POSTED: 11:27 am HST June 29, 2010
UPDATED: 3:26 pm HST June 29, 2010

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(http://www.kitv.com/news/24085771/detail.html#)HFD's Air 2 helicopter prepares for a rescue.


Teams from the Coast Guard, Honolulu Fire Department and Ocean Safety responded to a mayday call from a man off Makapuu on Tuesday.

The disabled Jet Ski-like personal watercraft was about 2 miles off Makapuu Lighthouse before 10 a.m. when the rider, Jeff Davis, of Molokai, called the Coast Guard for help.

Davis was heading back to Molokai when his watercraft began sinking. He said there were three holes.

The Coast Guard called in HFD, which had its Air 2 helicopter conducting exercises nearby. The HFD rescue team sent in a swimmer to the watercraft.

Fire Department Capt. Lance Okai said rescuers worried there might have been more than one person on the stricken craft, because Davis was not in the driver's seat. "He was on the sled, not the driver's seat.

Usually if you're on a jet ski you'll stay in the driver's seat. We were worried there may have been more than one skier but it turns out he was the only skier," Okai said.

Responders towed in the watercraft to a nearby cove.

Davis was not hurt. He told KITV4 that he normally does not take a radio with him when he goes through the Molokai Channel. He said this time a friend gave him a VHF radio. That was how he could call the Coast Guard.

"Usually I don't have one of those. A friend had a couple of them so he gave one to me just in case, so I was thankful that. Really thankful," Davis said.

Davis said he has gone between Molokai and Oahu several times without incident. This is a trip he won't soon forget.

"Oh, that was pretty exciting. Yeah, pretty lonely out there when nothings working," said Davis.


K38 Rescue
06-30-2010, 03:45 AM
Open Water Riding and prudent Mariner rules apply when making channel crossings. Good thing this rider's friend was looking out for him.

It is a CHEAP investment in relationship to lifesaving to purchase a VHF Marine band hand held radio. You can get them online and through West Marine Outlets.


One can purchase the radios with built in GPS capabiltiy and are submerisble for under $199.

WIthout being able to give your exact location, it can create problems for emergency response and yourself. You can be billed for the SAR mission as well. File a float plan with a trusted source.

There are federally required safety items that need to be carried on board as well. This is just one vital item.

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO and Good luck! Things still go wrong even prepared, so prepare for the worst and think ahead, you never know...

K38 Rescue
06-30-2010, 03:53 AM
Recommended to be carried on your person:

1. Water Whistle
2. 3 Hand held flares
3. Waterproof GPS/Radio (charged and familiar wtih its functions)
4. Identification
5. Rescue Knife
6. Reflective Mirror
7. 1 Chem Light (glo stick)

Always wear a properly fitted and sized functioning USCG approved lifejacket. Discard old or worn lifejackets as material will lose its flotation value.


This mesh vest has the folowing attached with lanyards:
Dive board (notes)
Reflective Tape
Storage pockets