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06-17-2012, 08:28 PM
2011 Wake of Fame Awards
Everyday Heroes

To Mr. Don Curry and Mr. Ed Guzman


You have both been nominated to the 2011 Wake of Fame Everyday Heroes, in association with the K38 - AWA H2O Responders program. This prestigious award reflects the efforts of operators who have taken their training experience and applied it to the context of shared reality in the aquatic environment.

Your Everyday Heroes commendation reads as follows:

On February 13th, 2010, while returning from a towsurfing session, Mr. Curry and Mr .Guzman just outside of Morro Bay harbor entrance, California witnessed a boating mishap. They were following a 13 foot Sea Pro boat that had been placed under tow by a USCG vessel approaching the treacherous harbor mouth entrance. When the towing vessel attempted to enter the Jaws of the Morro Bay harbor mouth it was not in a good position to navigate the entrance and was struck by a large wave. The USCG vessel with the disabled boat still under tow were swept broadside.

As a result of the accident, 2 Persons on board were swept into the boiling white water. Mr. Curry was the operator of his Yamaha Waverunner, upon witnessing the incident, both parties responded immediately to render aid (Curry/Guzman). Anticipating imminent danger and instantly responding to the incident utilizing his Personal Water Craft, otherwise known as a ‘Rescue Water Craft’, this decision was critical in the recovery efforts in an extremely hazardous zone.

Mr. Curry drove into the zone whereas 2 boats were adrift and recovered a male and female from the water, both of whom were wearing street clothing and lifejackets. Mr. Guzman hoisted them onto the rescue board in a matter of seconds. With 4 persons on board, they proceeded through the breaking waves of the harbor mouth and whitewater and proceeded to the harbor pier. Their reactions this day saved the lives of two people and reduced additional rescue resources to respond to the incident by placing themselves in a rescue mode capability.

Therefore based on the above incident, K38, the Wake of Fame and the American Watercraft Association proudly nominate Mr. Curry and Mr. Guzman with the ‘Everyday Heroes’ Award. Your award was approved on March 20, 2011 upon verification of the facts of that day.

The award will be dedicated at the International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA) Parade of Nations during the World Championships in October. Hosted by Ms. Kay Sykes. It is with great respect K38 awards to Mr. Curry and Mr. Guzman the inaugural ‘K38 Everyday Heroes’ award for their unselfish act to render aid to persons in distress and for using their K38 Way of Training in a lifesaving application.

Mr. Curry has also rendered aid to a sailboat in distress off the Carmel Coast in California within the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary using his personal watercraft. On February 9, 2008 Don was heading to Carmel Point near Ghost Tree, and he came upon a yacht on the rocks in Stillwater Cove at Pebble Beach during the ATT Golf Pro-Am. The 46’ foot Hunter was getting pounded on the rocky shoreline. Along with lifeguard Mr. Kevin Brady, Mr. Curry was able to render assistance to the recovery of this sailboat.

Don and Ed are both K38 students, having taking a series of K38 Open Water Rescue Boat training at Pillar Point Harbor and Morro Bay Harbor. We are proud of our K38 Alumni and their representation of Rescue Water Craft skills. Their proactive and immediate response saved the lives of 2 people and further reduced the risk of additional layers of rescue responders.

Their awards will be presented at our 8th Annual K38 International PWC Safety Summit at the City of Lake Havasu Arizona during the IJSBA Parade of Nations with host Kay Sykes. October 6th, 2011 at 8:30 PM

Photo of Ed Guzman, Shawn Alladio and Don Curry at the XXL Awards

The Life You Save May Be Your Own

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