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Default K38 PARTICIPATE - Water Wise Work


K38 Participate is an International organized program for all K38 Affiliates in 2012. K38 has a long standing heritage in community service works for the greater good of livestock, agriculture/aquaculture and the welfare of humanity.

K38 Water Safety in the USA has been participating in shoreline and waterborne cleanups since 1985. K38 has assisted in the removal of tons of various types of debris from inland waterways and coastal communities and various disasters.

K38 Participates - Cosco Busan SCAT Oil Response team

These cleanups are our responsibility. We take the initiative through action. It's as simple as having K38 students during a class recover debris in our training zones to debris or trash removal of targeted areas of concern. It is a way of being, not a calendar date. We lead by the example of doing what is required in the moment, leaving a lasting impression of behavioral change on the witnesses and participants. This is our motivation.

Hiroaki Kishi of K38 Japan Participates in 2011 Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami
Debris Recovery

Each K38 Affiliate will be implementing a Coastal Clean Up from the water's edge during each of the Earth's seasons. The K38 Participate program is designed to teach a way of being as a caretaker of the resources we ply.
Our K38 Affiliates are teaming up with respective committed Associations who are actively participating in community affairs in their regions. K38 in the United States is working with the American Watercraft Association (AWA) encouraging the local AWA Chapters to support their own regional cleanups. We will include additional community partners who share the same mutual concerns for aquatic conservation as well as land resources.

K38 Participates during Hurricane Katrina, Shawn Alladio conducting animal rescues

K38 Participate International Dates
March 20, 2012
June 21, 2012
September 22, 2012
December 22, 2012

K38 Participates major focus of immediate concern is the debris flows caused by he 2011 Tōhoku Earthquake and resulting Tsunamis. These debris fields are circulating in the Pacific Ocean currents and are making landfall in Hawai'i and Alaska this winter.

Projections of debris arriving on the Western United States seaboard are scheduled from 2012 to 2014. We will be using our Kawasaki JET SKI® watercraft with rescue boards to assist in the removal of remote and difficult to access California coastlines and beaches.

Kanalu K38 is the project leader for the 2012 winter, working in concert with local volunteers to begin clearance on island shores to help assist the recovery of the inshore marine ecosystems that may be affected by the various types of attributed household and fishery debris.

We have a forum dedicated to our service work, please visit us regularly and contact us if you want to assist. We will be providing education and training prior to our outings with a focused attach on safety and environmental respect. All debris collected will be properly disposed of and catalogued.

Yours in Service,
K38 International


Shawn Alladio
Tom Pohaku Stone KanaluK38@gmail.com
Hiroshi Yamaoka K38Japan@gmail.com
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