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Default Power of Buddha of scientific qualified really explanation- Iebeads

Power of Buddha of scientific qualified really explanation?
Editor's note: Latter-day since, all circles public figure is good explain power of Buddha with scientific point of view (and even other and traditional scholarship) , no matter be like,be traditional cent division physics, chemical, geographical, biology, medicine, if relativistic, quanta is mechanical,still be high-end theory etc, different person is in attempt. After entering 21 centuries, instrument of somebody use high end does all sorts of detecting, for instance buddhist decides the material change of go-between body, offer authoritative data to explain buddhist decides effect. Such-and-such, by no means an isolated case. But is power of Buddha scientific construable really? Will explain power of Buddha with scientific point of view, to power of Buddha be benefit after all be fraud?

Power of Buddha covered science, and do not accept scientific institute restriction. (picture origin: Data picture)
Alleged and scientific, it is to use analysis, Baconian inference means to come nothing more than the phenomenon with observation, natural explanation, from theory character is the limits that belongs to logic, from practical and character is methodical organization. Can sound reasonable, belong to logistic science; Can have effective use, it is the science of experience.
Nevertheless,PAPUA SANDALWOOD 8MM108 TEETH WOODEN ROSARY BRACELETS HIGH OIL TIGHT, logistic academic science is not certain can develop become economic science, although it is the foundation of economic science, must pass a test however and prove its to benefit a person truly for usable and feasible ability. Accordingly, scientific flourishing change quickly, often deny with new concept old notion, atttack old achievement with new test, it is thus clear that it is not highest, final truth.
What the place in science can discuss is foregone with the range that will know very finite, make even if the most successful physicist, also must appeal to beg the enlightenment at unknowable god or god to be highest scientific principle, what scholars see this: The mother that scientific mother is philosophy, philosophy is religion, religion just is cosmic germ, life is big. Discuss religion with philosophy already somewhat not as good as, come with science what is more,the rather that of dug religion abstruse close? Place of Mr Liang Qichao says no less than, philosophy of Buddhist blame religion, blame, blame is scientific. We also can say, buddhism covers religion, philosophy and science, but it is religion, philosophy and science not only; It does not object religion, philosophy and science, be not religion, philosophy and scientific limits however can poor its are actual.
Somebody holds the period in scientific civilization today, should introduce power of Buddha with scientific point of view, this is meddlesome of course. Show the theory of power of Buddha with scientific knowledge, make the person that has trusted science will accept power of Buddha, this give no cause for more criticism. Belong to the limits of natural knowledge scientificly nevertheless, the ten million that it can show natural phenomenon only 1/100000000. Do not say the cosmic group beyond solar system still belongs to unknowable state for example, namely the 9 major planet inside solar system, the mankind is finite to what its know to return.
Discuss phenomenon of human body and mind additionally from medical viewpoint, reach at present till, the range that Western medicine place reachs looks mere in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is the dead body that anatomizes material, and the ?? of ?? of gas arteries and veins that the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine also explores human body nevertheless is alleged vivid carnal phenomenon just. As to mental cure, still stay in the phase of can find no way out; To mental patient, besides use anaesthesia, composed drug and confinement, detain wait for means to come besides the control, action that restrains a body, do not have method. Alleged psychotherapy, the analysis that can use experience only and inference will give dredge, but cannot the alleged drive of level ?? ?? of thorough spirit is to be in material, the aeriform and strong activity over material. If use the art number such as accord with of divine spirit cuss to treat mental disease, have its curative effect, but the limits place that its already were not science and, and the phenomenon that is pointed to to be superstition.
Degree of world of power of Buddha help a person, from only then give priority to with the heart, the heart is spirit namely, two nouns come to usable trouble, wisdom specification. Trouble increases a mental disorder, wisdom increases a mental Pure Brightness; Be like the condition in mental disorder, hold the post of you to be handled with any religion, philosophy, scientific method, inextricability its problem Yu Yongjiu, dan Reneng gets wisdom to show, criterion all problems, it is to belong to corporeal limits or mental limits no matter, be readily solved. So, when Buddha is alive, do not become an explanation more to the natural phenomenon of corporeal world, for example the world has edge immensity, world only then without only then wait for these problems, look in Buddha have nothing to do with unfixed trouble, important is how to apply the method of cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine to come clear up trouble, inspire wisdom. This is alleged wisdom, not be understanding part heart, do not have clinging comfortable heart however; Since the result is comfortable, where is the limit that what spirit or material still has?
In the buddhism of Indian times, it is the nature that covers matter with mental heart, tell a heart already the natural phenomenon that all photographed material. Alleged 10 thousand laws are known only, 3 bounds are Platonic, vexed heart is called knowledge, kosher heart is called wisdom, always the arrest to any phenomena hold the administrative levels that attributes trouble. Ignored of power of Buddha the dug of all law phenomena, write overweight how to turn however know Cheng Zhi, take the branch for the root easily otherwise, the appearance that clinging unreal changes feels hypostatic. Heart system is aeriform, without, also do not leave look look; Science is reached only at the phenomenon, the phenomenon is changeful and constant changes, so science won't become final proof forever, it is to be in at most have a headache try hard ahead below the circumstance of foot of painful medical service of cure head, base.
Science reachs the analysis at corporeal world and dug only, of course inexplicability or the essence that convey power of Buddha, but as convenient Jiaohua, scientific manner needs of course. So we begin to say, power of Buddha covered science, and do not accept scientific institute restriction.
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Default China Jers

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